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I am also unemployed, changing professions through education, and involved in a move from one part of the country to another. This blog will also record all the trials and tribulations in my search for a realtor to sell, the communications with the realtor that I've chosen in the new area, and any and all experiences within. I look forward to the feedback.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011


So, a lot has happened since I posted over a year ago...Geez, WAY over a year ago. I need to blog much more if I want to make sure that I am successful at it, right?

So, we moved. We are now in Central Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This is truly a beautiful area and I am so much happier here than I was when we lived in Maryland. Friendships are easier, everything is easier...well, except being a Mom - that is still as difficult as it has always been.

People who tell you they love being a Mom are one of the following:

1. Crazy
2. Crazy with a bunch of kids, messy house and no control issues
3. Lying.

No seriously, being a mom is the most rewarding job a woman can have. I am totally serious here. You learn how to unconditionally love something and someone, and in the process your growth is exponential. However, if you have any germ issues, OCD, neatness issues, etc. you will be miserable. I did not think that I had any of these problems, however, I seem to have control issues. I like to maintain control of my surroundings at all times. This is easy when your child is an infant, but as they grow and gain independence, well your world will tilt upon it's axis.

My child is now 12 (where have the years gone?). He is truly the most spectacular creature upon this planet. However, he did not want to move. We gave him plenty of opportunity to face this prospect, visiting the town where we now live many times in the 18 months prior to actually moving here. However, when it came right down to it, the fact is he didn't want to leave his friends.

Granted, in the time we've been here (again, less than a year) he's made some good friends. We have a beautiful home on a wooded lot with lots of wildlife, and he's very active in sports and school. He also joined a Boy Scout Troop, for which I find myself becoming active. He also really enjoys the Youth Group at church and joined the Gospel Youth Praise Band (a rock band for youth) where he is one of the lead singers.

He is a great kid. However, as my husband constantly reminds me, he and I are the same person. This can make for a challenging relationship. He is just as stubborn as I am, and he tries to be just as wiley, but hasn't lived long enough, or done enough bad things to get a gain on my lifetime experience. Currently, we're having fun learning organization skills and keeping up on his school work.

So, to change the topic entirely, we moved to a college town here in Central Virginia. First, I'm thrilled to be back in a college town. All the culture of a big city, yet you're in a smaller town. Food is AWESOME, bars are cool and there is plenty to do if you want to do it. I didn't truly realize how unhappy I was in Germantown, MD (which is a suburb of Washington, DC) until we moved here. Other than the cliques (which city doesn't have them?) which I am working to figure out, everything is awesome.

I am working on my vocal talents (I am a singer) and looking into employment sometime in the future. The husband said I could do whatever I want...so to figure that out. It is really frightening having options.

Well, I'll write more later, I promise, but for now know that my blog is going to focus on all sorts of things in this fabulous city. Talk at ya soon.

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